Makeup and Spa Products


Pure, Beautiful Mineral Makeup

Why do we love Youngevity’s mineral makeup and spa products?  Well, first of all, there are so many colors from which to choose, making it easy to find something to fit every woman’s personal preferences as well as her unique complexion.  Second, it is easy to use and apply, it lasts all day (sometimes we think they look better as the day goes on), and it makes the woman wearing it feel special.  Third, it is beautiful, vibrant, healthy and pure.  How Does Your Makeup Compare?


Some of our favorite products are posted here on this page, and you may contact us so that we can take your order if you see something you would like for your business.  There is so much more available, however, so if you are looking for something in particular that is not featured here, then we will be happy to assist you when you contact us. 


Jun Beauty Box

June 2017 Beauty Box

$50 – The Beauty Box changes each month and is a fantastic value.  Plus, it comes in a beautiful box, making it great as a business/corp. gift or as a display in your retail store. 


June 2017 box:  Paint the town purple with the gorgeous mineral makeup items in June’s Beauty Box! Includes the Secret Garden Eyeshadow Kit and Bold Up LipLock Plus.


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Makeup Kit Comes in Light to Medium and Medium to Dark

$499 – The Health & Beauty Kit will help you to launch your own makeup business or give you the opportunity to try a little of everything.  You will receive everything pictured here, so it is a great introductory kit. There are 2 options available – Light to Medium or Medium to Dark. 

The Light to Medium Health & Beauty Kit includes: 3 Mineral Makeup Sample Towers (Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Dark), 3 Full-size Foundation Powders (Charming™, Sensual™, Beautiful™), 1 Foundation Crème Stick (Beautiful™), 1 Crème Foundation (Beautiful™), 3 Full-size Blushes (Euphoric™, Felicity™, Delighted™), 1 Angel Face™ Setting Powder, 1 Full-size Complexion Enhancer (Sexy™), 2 Lipsticks (Precious Pink™, Pink Myth™), 2 LipLocks (Primrose™, Lily™), 1 Lip Pencil (Cherry Blossom™), 1 Black Mascara, 1 Tame Your Brows Kit (Lucca™), 1 Premium 24K Gold Mask (includes applicator brush), 1 Waterless Vitamin C, 1 Mineral Makeup Bag, 1 Brush Kit (White), 1 Deep Cleanser Brush Cleaner, Mascara Wands, Makeup Spatulas, and Lipstick Wands.

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Best Makeup Bag Ever!

$75 – This stylish, Professional Cosmetic Case can carry your cosmetics and brushes to and from your worksite with ease.  There are pull-out storage shelves on the top, perfect for carrying your entire makeup line, and a spacious bottom storage area good for brushes or other accessories that you may need to bring with you (like blow dryers, for example). 


There is a black shoulder strap (not pictured) included with the case.  The case itself is very lightweight, because, while it looks like leather, it is actually made from a faux black leather with faux pink handle straps which will not weigh you down.  And yes, this cosmetic case looks as nice and fashionable up close as it is in the picture! 

We actually used this while working on a movie with a friend who is a filmmaker! 

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There’s a Brush for Every Application


$75 – The Professional Makeup Brush Kit comes with all the brushes you see pictured (16 in total).  The faux leather case comes in white (pictured), black, or pink.  There are 2 sets of snaps so that you can close the case up and transport the brushes safely (in your cosmetic case) without damaging the brushes.  Included brushes are as follows: 

• Pointy Eyeshadow Brush
• Flat Kabuki Brush
• Kabuki Brush
• Lip Brush
• Angled Eyeshadow Brush
• Eyeshadow Brush
• Powder Brush
• Fan Brush
• Concealer Brush
• Blush Brush
• Eye Crease Brush
• Angled Eyeliner Brush
• Taper Blending Brush
• Smudge Brush
• Bent Eyeliner Brush
• Eye Shadow Brush

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You’ll never forget the makeup combo you used again.


$5 – The Mineral Makeup Color Matchup Pad is a great way for you to not only write down the different products used on your clients for different areas of the face, but there is also space to apply the products and get a visual idea of how everything will look before application. 

In addition, you can give a copy to your clients so that they can request the same ones next time or buy from you at a later time.

The pad is made up of white paper sheets printed in black, and it is  not re-usable, so you may want to order more than one at a time so that you do not run out too soon! 

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Create totally customized, beautiful makeup with this application tray.


$20 – The Mineral Makeup & Application Tray is something we have on our radar for our next personal purchase.  With it, you to mix custom blends of foundations, bronzers, eye colors, and blushes for your clients.  It comes with 2 large lids and 2 small lids so that you will not have to worry about spilling any of the mineral makeup powders all over your work space.  This may also be a way that you can transport the blends to a client if you do off-site applications, for example. 

The tray is made of sturdy plastic, as are the lids, making both very easy to wash off as necessary.  Brushes and makeup are not included.

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