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We really like how the Mialisia brand values people, reminding them that they are “of infinite worth.”  How do they do that?  Well, it’s on their jewelry and packaging.  You can’t help but feel very special when you receive them as a gift or buy them for yourself.   What’s even more fun is when you gift them to others, making it clear that you care very much for them.

MK Collab is an amazing US-based fashion company headed by fashion designer Marissa Kenson.  Her designs have been worn by famous singers and actresses (yes, we do know their names– just ask us).   We like that she wants to provide affordable clothing that looks great and makes the wearer feel beautiful and well-dressed.

Jun Mialisia Infinite Worth Club 2017

Mialisia Infinite Worth Club June 2017

$50 – The Mialisia Infinite Worth Club for June 2017 is a very economical (and fun) way to add to your wardrobe, with different product offerings each month.  No, you don’t need to subscribe to anything (promise!) to get this set, and yes, you really do get everything that you see in the picture.


Turn heads this season with the chic Infinite Worth Club pieces for the month of June!  These cool tones look beautiful year round, too! Plus, a pop of mint green adds a fresh touch to any outfit.

Includes: 1 Large Silver-toned Locket with Mint Enamel, the Teardrop Expression Piece in Silver-tone, and the Teardrop Earrings in Silver-tone.

Mialisia jewelry is incredibly versatile.  We love it so much and have several pieces with more on our list!  Check out the many ways you can wear it on this video (Click Here).

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Camellia Grey Poncho

Camellia Gray Poncho

$97 – The Camellia Gray Poncho by MK Collab is knit with a fringe at the bottom with a faux fur detail.  It comes in just one size and should make everyone look great.

The poncho looks great paired with jeans (as pictured) or leggings.

We love how you can just pull this over whatever you may have on already and head out of the house (or gym) looking amazing.

If you look even closer, you will notice the flower and stem pattern on the material.  It’s a nice added touch that makes this item stand out.

Want one of your own?   It looks light enough weight to wear over a t-shirt for those cooler fall days (or in some places, those cooler summer evenings) and will also do great over a sweater as we head toward the winter months.

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Jasmine Navy Top

Jasmin Navy Top

$55 – The Jasmin Navy Top by MK Collab is a flowing top made from a stretch jersey material, making it functional, comfortable, and elegant.  The crossed front is a flattering look on just about everyone. The back of the tank top has a draped look with a lowered neckline, so you will look great coming and going!

This is a new take on a classic look and will never go out of style.  When paired with the Rebecca Print Skirt (pictured below), you have a great outfit suitable for most occasions. Or, wear this top with a pair of nice shorts or a shorter skirt.

You really can’t go wrong with this one!

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Rebecca Print Skirt

Rebecca Print Skirt

$62 – The Rebecca Print Skirt by MK Collab is a full-length piece made from a very comfortable and beautiful knit, patterned fabric with a grey background and cream, navy, and fuschia colors layered on top.

The waistband is elastic, with a gathering on one side to make the skirt a more figure-flattering design.  We like that the opening at the bottom is the tulip-style, making it elegant yet easy to walk in.

The skirt can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, worn with sandals or dressy pumps.

We love this skirt, and it also comes navy (Rebecca Navy Paisley) and gold (Rebecca Skirt Gold)!

Get It Here


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