Is Your Makeup Hiding Something Dangerous?

Click HereDo you know what is truly in your makeup? Makeup — women use it, actors use it, even news anchors use it, but how many makeup-users actually know what they’re putting on their faces?  When I was little, I was excited when I got a Barbie makeup set.  There were all these neat colors … Continue reading Is Your Makeup Hiding Something Dangerous?


How Healthy Is Your Makeup?

Many people think that their makeup is healthy because the packaging says it is "All Natural," "Won't Clog Pores," or "Gluten-Free," for example.  Unfortunately, that is not enough to make it healthy for you or your clients.  We love (and use) Youngevity's makeup line because it is very pure, healthy, vibrant, and long-lasting.  You can … Continue reading How Healthy Is Your Makeup?