Is Cholesterol Really Bad?

Broken egg

Why can’t we eat eggs?  Is the cholesterol going to hurt us?

Cholesterol—the word brings to people’s minds the picture of their LDL cholesterol levels and how they can’t eat egg yolks or butter.  Most people believe that cholesterol is bad for you, but do they even know what  cholesterol is?  “Cholesterol is a type of lipid molecule that is biosynthesized by all animal cells, because it is an essential structural component of all animal cell membranes; essential to maintain both membrane structured integrity and fluidity,”1 states Wikipedia.  So why is it that the definition says that cholesterol is necessary but we aren’t taught that?  There’s actually two “types” of cholesterol – high-density lipoprotein (“good” cholesterol) and low-density lipoprotein (“bad” cholesterol), but according to Dr. Ron Rosedale, M.D., one of the leading anti-aging doctors in the U.S., there’s only 1 type of cholesterol, and it isn’t good or bad.

The common belief held by the American Heart Association (AHA) is that people inherit genes that cause their bodies to make too much LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein, the “bad” cholesterol) and that eating saturated, or trans-fats, increases the LDL level in your blood.  They also say that lifestyle modifications aren’t enough, so they suggest, typically, to take cholesterol-lowering drugs.  Due to the belief that lifestyle changes won’t make enough of a difference in lowering LDL cholesterol, the AHA lowered their recommended level of total blood cholesterol from 130 mg/dl to less than 100 mg/dl (or, preferably, less than 70mg/dl) in 2004, when before the recommendation was only slightly less than 130 mg/dl.2 

So why have the cholesterol guideline recommendations of the AHA been lowered?  The answer is that the National Cholesterol Education Program panel updated their guidelines in 2004 from 130 mg/dl being healthy to levels less than 100 mg/dl (or, preferably, less than 70 mg/dl).  They decided this because “8 of the 9 doctors on that panel that developed the new cholesterol guidelines had been making money from the drug companies that manufacture statin cholesterol lowering drugs.”3  Because of this fact, “the new guidelines suddenly created a huge market for these drugs in the United States.” 4  So it seems that they lowered the levels to make more money instead of having the well-being of people in mind when they made changes.

The people who are becoming rich from statin drugs are trying to silence M.D.s like Dr. Rosedale, who says that, “Cholesterol is a vital component of every cell membrane on earth.  In other words, there is no life on earth that can live without cholesterol,”5  and that, “if excessive damage is occurring such that it is necessary to distribute extra cholesterol through the bloodstream, it would not seem very wise to merely lower the cholesterol and forget about why it is there in the first place.  It would seem much smarter to reduce the extra need for the cholesterol – the excessive damage that is occurring, the reason for the chronic inflammation.”

After reading that without cholesterol there wouldn’t be life on earth, I see that cholesterol is important.  I also understand why people would be concerned with having a lot of cholesterol in their arteries around their hearts, making it harder to pump blood. May I suggest that we do as Dr. Rosedale said– that we find the root of the problem instead of blaming the bandage for the injury?

If helping people to get better is the goal, and cholesterol is not to blame for the problem, then the true culprit should be found.

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