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Vicki Manual Aromatherapy Necklace

Clay Diffuser AromaNecklace for Essential Oils

Once in awhile, it’s fun to learn something new, and along that vein, I’ve decided to interview a friend of mine about an online business (but really, it’s a lot more of a ministry) that she is very passionate about.  I will let her talk more about it below.  But first, let me shine the spotlight a little on this beautiful woman of God.

She is one of the most gentle, caring, kind-hearted, giving, and funny people whom I have had the privilege to know.  She is honest and tells it like it is.  Professionally, she is a Certified Health Coach and business owner, and in her spare time, she mentors and encourages people through her writing and online groups on Facebook.

It’s kind of ironic that I  met her while we were representatives for another business that we still work with, both of us technically rivals within that company but forming an alliance and friendship nevertheless.  Teamwork will really get you farther in life than going it alone (and it’s a whole lot more fun)!  Since then, we have gone a bit our separate ways business-wise, with God taking us in different directions for the time being, but I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again sometime soon.

Without further ado, Vicki, it is your turn!  I’ll be asking the questions, though.

What is the main reason why you started AromaNecklaces and More back in 2013?  What is your motivation to keep it going?

“While pondering and asking God what I could do to raise some extra money in my spare time, to help fund our family’s dream of creating what we call Connections (a Christian-based community center that brings people in need together, whether it be for support, fellowship, or even a meal, if needed), God gave me this idea.  Honestly, I laughed; my creative skills are next to none.  I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler (Just so you know, Vicki, neither can I!).  But God gave me what I needed.  On this day, 7/6, 4 years ago, I had my grand opening on Facebook.  Since then, I have sold over 1,000 pieces all over the USA and across borders.  I have donated around $600.00 to others in need.

My motivation for doing this is to put smiles on others’ faces and to help others.”

Is this your primary, real-life passion or purpose?

“No, but it is now in my blood.  Last March, I put a out of a “closing for good” post, explaining that I needed to focus on other things.  But it didn’t last long; I am now back up and running.”

Is this a business you would like to see grow larger, or would you prefer to keep it smaller and more exclusive?

“That is a tough question.  I like that this is something that I do in my spare time, but I would like to grow the number of people who know me.  In other words, it would be nice to have a consistent amount of orders.”

Do you think that clay diffusers are better than felt disk diffusers?  Why or why not?

“Oh…good question.  I am not sure how to respond.  I like the clay better, personally, than the felt.  I’m just not sure why.  I guess I haven’t used the felt enough to know the benefits. I know with the clay, you can add more than one EO [essential oil] to it at a time; once it is absorbed you can add another EO on top of it.”

What brand of essential oils do you use and why?

“I personally use Youngevity Essential Oils, because I trust the company.  Essential oils are popping up everywhere, literally everywhere.  Since there aren’t really any FDA laws, which I love, manufacturers can manipulate the essential oils.  For example, an essential oil company can use the words ‘100 percent pure’ but dilute [the oil] up to 50% with anything they want, and they don’t have to tell you. So, my advice is to find an essential oil company you can trust, not just because it is labeled ‘organic’ or states they are ‘pure and natural,’ but because you can trust them in knowing that what is labeled on the bottle is in the bottle. “

What benefits have you personally noticed about using essential oils for aromatherapy?

“Oh my, the benefits I have seen are amazing!  There are so many.  I guess the ones that stick in my mind are the very first experiences, one being how quickly my skin went back together after I cut it with a crafting tool.  And there was the time when I was ‘glutenized,’ and the next day I was so ‘blue,’ crying for no reason.  I reached for an essential oil, sniffed it, and within a minute I was back to my normal self!”

Do you use essential oils in other ways (non-aromatherapy)?

“I use essential oils pretty much 6 days a week in some fashion (your body needs 1 day of rest from essential oils), from using them as a deodorant, mouthwash, air freshener, bug spray etc.”

Do you have any parting words for our readers?

“Before closing, I’d like to say that I love essential oils and think they should be part of everyone’s household, but please respect them; use them like you would medicine,  as a tool, not as a cover-up. I use so much less since I started practicing that principle.  Eat food for your body, take supplements, and use essential oils as needed.  Remember that with essential oils, LESS is more!

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your blog/special guest.”

Thank you for your insight, Vicki!

If you would like to see more of Vicki’s necklaces, please Click Here to connect to her website, AromaNecklaces and More.  Not only does she offer her necklaces there, but she also has included how to use them with the oils, as well as tips for safely enjoying essential oils.

Thanks for reading


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