How Healthy Is Your Makeup?

Many people think that their makeup is healthy because the packaging says it is “All Natural,” “Won’t Clog Pores,” or “Gluten-Free,” for example.  Unfortunately, that is not enough to make it healthy for you or your clients.  We love (and use) Youngevity’s makeup line because it is very pure, healthy, vibrant, and long-lasting.  You can feel good about recommending it to your family, friends, and clients.  Notice in the chart below– no unnecessary fillers or preservatives.  It’s just a pure, natural, beautiful way to enhance anyone’s features, and it covers well, too!

Michelle Wallach, COO of Youngevity, International, says, “We are committed to providing you the finest mineral-based makeup available anywhere! You can be confident that what you are wearing is chemical free and completely pure.”



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