Get Easy Business Loans – No Bank Required

DAC LOGO Independent Agent (small rectangle)We have been focusing a lot on health articles lately, and now we are switching gears and looking at finances for awhile.

Being a corporate accountant and independent loan agent means that I have a very strong interest in finances and generating lasting wealth.  I want to share with you a little information about one company which is helping businesses of all sizes to obtain financing.

David Allen Capital (not to be confused with another company called David Allen), which started in Michigan, is a unique company that is dedicated to changing the business landscape for the better.  In these tumultuous times, with many smaller businesses fading away as large corporations buy them up (and then shut them down) or drive them out of business, David Allen Capital (DAC) is providing a much-needed service for companies throughout the United States to stay in business despite all this.

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Bank loans are often impossible or too expensive for most businesses these days, especially if the amounts requested are “low” ($10,000 – $500,000 for example).  I have personally contacted bank loan officers regarding small business loans for my clients, and most of them will not even look at an application for a loan less than $100,000.  However, DAC is filling this lending gap, making money more accessible for more businesses, with loans which are affordable (low cost, no hidden fees) and EASY to obtain.

How easy?  Well, most banks require a great credit score, collateral, and are more interested in a lot of paperwork detailing what looks like your entire life story (for both you -the business owner- and your business).  But David Allen Capital is one of those lending companies which uses private lenders -investors- who are more interested in cash flow (how much money your business is making) than anything else.   Their catch phrase is, “Our Lenders Like to Say Yes!”  Oh, and you will not have to use your business, house, car, life savings, or other property/investments as collateral, because these loans are non-collateralized loans.

What We Do Not Require (blank)

DAC lenders are more interested in Cash Flow


DAC’s loan program is a quick, straight-forward way to obtain the necessary funds to grow your business, without the hassle of a lot of unnecessary paperwork and red tape.  In fact, they usually ask for as little as 4 months’ worth of financial information, whereas banks usually want to see paperwork for 1-2 years in order to consider lending any money!  David Allen Capital’s loan application is just ONE PAGE!

Do you remember pre-payment penalties that banks used to charge for paying back a loan early?  I looked at that as a punishment for being a good customer!  Thankfully, those are not common anymore, but many banks still have not improved their overall loan process.  DAC has something that the banks, in general, don’t offer.  When half or more of a business loan is paid off, the business owner has the opportunity to re-new the loan (which, in many cases, is at a lower interest rate) for the original amount, without having to jump through hoops.  So, you can think of this as a kind of revolving line of credit- easy to obtain, easy to maintain, and easy to sustain!

Getting pre-qualified takes a few minutes and is FREE.  Once pre-qualified, funds can be obtained in under 1 week (and sometimes on the same day).  This is almost unheard of, which is why I am telling you here.

Find out how easy this.  Click Here to Get Pre-Qualified for a business loan today.

I know, I know, not everyone wants to fill out an online form and wait for a total stranger to contact them.  So, if you prefer, you can Contact Us, and we’ll walk you through the process.  Either way, your information is kept confidential, and you will be treated fairly and professionally.  Here’s the best part, at least I think it’s the best part- DAC lenders are not interested in making investments which will not make money for both them and the business owner, so no DAC lender will ever push you into getting a loan that you will not be able to easily pay back or that makes no sense for your business.

As a business owner, I know how difficult it is to start and then grow a small business, so I hope that this will encourage anyone reading who has been turned down for a bank loan before.  There are other options out there, and DAC is a prime example.

Thanks for reading!


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