How to Improve Your Health Without All the Pills


These days, we have a pill for practically everything, but many people do not need them.

I did not intend to write today, but upon reading someone else’s blog earlier, I remembered a few resources that I had not posted before and will do that today.

I became a certified health coach, when given the amazing opportunity to do so, because I really wanted to help people to get well without having to be stuck on medications for various conditions that I know are often caused by lifestyle choices (mainly diet/nutrition).  It pains me to see people still suffering, and then having to take a new medication to counteract the side-effects of the first one.  So many people have spiraled into this endless non-solution.  Many medications are just for managing symptoms; they do not cure anything.  Why are so many people satisfied with never getting well, with just living with whatever ails them?  These days, we have a pill for practically everything, but many people do not need them.  I figured there must be a better way.

It amazes me how simple the solution is to so many health problems that plague people today.  Yet, it seems that we are told that there is a pill for this or that, and while we will never be cured of anything, we should feel better, and if we don’t, then there’s another pill for that.  Really?  Is that the way we should be living?

I will not quote a bunch of different sources here (though they are easy to find online and in the bookstore/library), but on average, we spend more money per capita on healthcare and health management in the US than in any other developed country, yet we are ranked worst or near-worst in overall health and longevity!  How can this be?  Look around you!  Most of the people we know are sick and on some sort of medication, and for some reason we have determined that this is normal.  I have found this daily online radio program focusing on health and nutrition very helpful, and you can even search by keywords to find broadcasts which have previously aired.

Listen to Dead Doctors Radio Here

As a Christian, I find it impossible to believe that mankind could ever improve upon what God has perfected.  He made us in His image and gave us amazing bodies with extremely complicated systems, all interacting and affecting each other, working to keep us alive and healthy.  But, when we are constantly medicating our bodies, we actually impede or completely shut down parts of our bodies’ systems in order to get the benefits of the medications.  Now, I am not endorsing quitting your medications, because I do think that sometimes they are necessary, though maybe not forever.

This being said, through my own reading, college studies, as well as training to be a health coach, I have personally experienced and read numerous testimonials about people able to either decrease the amount of medication they are taking or stop taking it altogether (it depends on the health issue, obviously).  If you are someone who would like to know what these other people have done, then I can point you to a couple resources that will give you some answers.

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The main thing is that we need to go back to eating real food, not packaged stuff that will last until the next century (yes, I know that is a bit exaggerated).  So many people have allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities to many foods.  If you would like to learn more about a simple test that you can do from the comfort of your home, one which is all about YOU and would help you to determine which foods are best for your body and which ones to avoid, how your body actually metabolizes and uses the food you are eating, why you crave certain foods, which exercises are best for you, and so much more, then

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Next, we should get outside more and stop being afraid of the sun.  There are those people who absolutely cannot go out in the sun due to skin cancer or allergy, but most of us could stand to go out for 20 minutes or so to get our vitamin D levels up.  This is also a good time to get in a little exercise, which does not have to be strenuous, since walking has been proven to be a very effective exercise.  Third, I cannot stress enough that supplementation is so important!  While we are told that this vegetable/fruit or that plant oil contains all these good vitamins and minerals, let me remind you that this is only if they are grown under optimal conditions.  If, for example, the soil doesn’t contain every mineral our bodies need in the perfect ratio and in the form that we can use, then eating the plants grown in them will not help us to get those minerals.  Plants cannot create minerals!  They can, however, create many vitamins (and so can we), so plants are great for that.  Many, many health problems that we face today would either disappear or be less severe if people would supplement more effectively.

It does not take much to better one’s health and head down the path toward greater health.  I have personally been on that journey and write also from my own experience.  It can be done, and it does not have to be difficult; just take things one day at a time, with one change at a time.  I like to think of our health in terms of layers.  We work on the outer first layer, making one change which will improve our health the most in the least amount of time.  Then, the next layer, and the next.  It is nearly impossible to make every necessary change at once and definitely not good for one’s mental or even physical health to do that.  But one layer, one change at a time, and if we keep on doing this, we will be in a steady state of positive changes.


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