Never Thirst with Living Water


Body and Drink

Never Thirst Again


I really like this picture of a glass of red water being overwhelmed by blue water on all sides, surrounded and buffeted by it; yet inside, the red liquid is still contained and relatively still.


When I think about what Jesus is saying in the quote from John 4:14, that the water that He gives us “will become…a spring of water welling up to eternal life,” I picture water that is endlessly coming to the surface of the ground, showing no sign of ever stopping or slowing down.  The water is a great metaphor for the everlasting life that Jesus gives us, having no end to it, always springing forth from Him and through us, giving us life and sustaining us forever.

The best part of this living water from Jesus is that He offers it in abundance.  Jesus does not plan to drip His everlasting life or His blessings on us.  He explains that the water that He gives us is like a spring of water welling up.  The word “welling” in the dictionary describes coming up from below the surface and then bursting forth.  This is a powerful picture of Jesus giving us life more abundantly and for all eternity.

He not only gives us what we need, but then extra, and he engulfs us in it.  We are cleansed by it, supported and sustained with it, yet we are not consumed by it, just as the red liquid in the glass is not watered down but is only slightly affected visibly.  Yes, we are changed by it, but we are still ourselves, just a better version of ourselves than before.

Do you want a drink of this living water and have eternal life?  It’s a free gift to all those who put their trust in Jesus.  All you have to do is ask Him for a taste of it, and He will give you an endless supply!


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