Pride Comes Before the Fall, or in This Case, Broken Sauce

God has a way of humbling me when I least expect it.  As I stirred my Hollandaise sauce this morning, I began thinking, “I could teach people how to make this sauce; it’s so easy it’s practically foolproof.”  That very instant, the sauce separated and “broke,” and no attempt to fix it worked.  Even what usually works didn’t this time.

Then I realized that I had become so absorbed in thinking about how I should be doing a video of me making this sauce because it’s so easy, that I forgot that the sauce needed to be off the heat while I whisked in the butter.  I took my focus off of what I needed to do when I began thinking about myself.  Immediately, I suffered the consequence of pride, and although the flavor was ok, it did not taste as good as it usually does, and the presentation was terrible. 

We can apply this to other things in our lives.  As soon as we think to ourselves, “I’ve got this; I can do this.  In  fact, I’m really good at this, ” we often lose focus on God and what He wants us to do and how He wants us to do it.  We feel the ramifications of focusing on the wrong things and have to live with whatever the consequences are, sometimes immediately and sometimes farther down the line.

After today’s incident, I am re-thinking what my next project will be.  It probably  won’t be cooking videos anytime soon!

Have a super weekend, Everyone!


2 thoughts on “Pride Comes Before the Fall, or in This Case, Broken Sauce

    • Kerry says:

      You’re welcome, Jan C! It was funny how at first I just thought the destruction of my beautiful sauce was just “one of those things that happens,” but the timing was so instantaneous that I paid attention and finally realized where my thinking had gone. It’s interesting how God will get us to notice so much more about His will and how He wants us to be when we are actually paying attention! 🙂


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