Hero’s Ransom Book Review


Action-packed, intelligent, suspenseful book #4 in the series

I just finished reading “Hero’s Ransom,” written by Diane and David Munson– wow! What an incredible, action-packed story! The best part for me was how the book was written to show how God works in people’s lives, and we have only to take notice to see the powerful and often complex ways that He works through the ages.

Our family has been reading the series, beginning with “Facing Justice,” then “Confirming Justice,” “The Camelot Conspiracy,” and now “Hero’s Ransom” out loud together.  Yes, these are suspenseful, action-packed, funny at times, and well-written, yet safe for even the younger kids to enjoy (no foul language, no unnecessary violence, etc.).   You can read them as stand-alone novels or, better yet, read them in order to get all the nuances from previous novels along with the newer ones.

I don’t want to divulge any plot lines, or surprises, but if you’d like more info., go to www.DianeandDavidMunson.com to read the summaries on these and order directly from the authors.   You will not regret getting these books; plus, when ordering from them directly, you can get personalized signed copies.  Or, if you feel more comfortable ordering through Amazon, you can find this book and others in the series HERE.


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