A Day Without _________

I just found out today that I’ve been unaware that we had a “Day Without Women” coming up.  I guess I did not get the memo or read the news or something.  I was aware of the “Day Without Immigrants,” but this one totally got past my radar somehow.  You know what?  It has not affected my life in the least.

See, if my family had to go a day without me, there would be nobody to care for my little child, nobody to tend to the 2 sick siblings (another cold, alas), nobody to cook dinner for my husband when he returns from work today, nobody to do the laundry and other necessary chores that are considered part of my job.  That would be totally unfair to my family and put an unnecessary burden on them today, and I know that the same would go for a “Day Without Children” (coming soon, since the kids are getting older and ready for life on their own)– that day will have me bawling my eyes out, I’m afraid!

Ok, so I guess I am not understanding something.  I do not “get” why we keep having these “Days without __________” (fill in the blank with women, immigrants, people with hair, people with no hair, etc.-  sarcasm intended).  I mean, if we had a “Day Without Men,” for example, and the men took the day off to “prove” that they will be missed and that they are an important part of society, there would be a definite loss for a day.  The loss extends from the workplace all the way home!

No matter who takes the day off, everyone else will have to bear an extra burden.  So, I am asking, “So, what?” about all these “days without.”  We are all important members of society, are we not?  We all have something to contribute to other people’s lives every day.  We all are missed when we are sick or absent from work, etc.  Why do we feel the need to keep doing these things just to prove something?  How about, instead, we have a day without crime, or a day without garbage, or something that would be useful to everyone?  Ok, I’m done now.

What are your thoughts?  Please note that unkind remarks will be promptly deleted, so play nice!  🙂


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