Do I Have to Do THAT?


Stretching Pic

Yes, I was THIS out of shape once!


EXERCISE—That word used to send shivers of dread through my body.  Just thinking about it would make me want to crawl back into bed and hide.  We all know that we should exercise.  We all have heard that it is “good for us,” that it strengthens our bodies, builds muscles, and gives our hearts a good workout.  Overall, we believe that exercise is a good idea, a good thing, even; it’s healthy.

Oh, but that’s just not enough to get us going on an exercise kick, is it?  We may last a couple days, but then it’s back to sitting on the couch and hoping that if we raise our arms a few times and walk to turn on the TV we will get enough of a workout.

Well, guess what?  It’s not as difficult as you may think.  No, really, it isn’t!  And here’s my little secret:  walk.  Yes, walking burns plenty of calories and also builds muscles.  I am not talking about speed-walking—just regular, strolling-through-the park kind of walking.

When I needed to lose 65 pounds, I started walking.  I began the first day walking only 5 minutes while listening to music (of course you could do audio books or whatever inspires you).  The second day I walked 10 minutes.  The third day was 15 minutes.  On days 4-5, I walked 15 minutes and then I took the weekend off.  The following week, I walked 20 minutes for 5 days and took the weekend off.  The third week I added 5 minutes and did 25 minutes at a time.  I inched my way up to walking about 45 minutes every day for 5 days each week.  I did eventually speed up my pace a little, but really, I did not need to.

When you are exercising, you will feel happier, less stressed out, and also get that feeling of accomplishment.  This will lead to other things, like improving your diet forever and also working on making other healthier lifestyle choices.  You CAN exercise and live to tell the tale!

If you are feeling inspired, you may want to Take the Healthy Body Challenge!


2 thoughts on “Do I Have to Do THAT?

  1. J.C. says:

    I like the idea of walking for my exercise rather than going to a gym. I love being outside, breathing in the fresh air and being in the sunshine, and so to do that and walk, it is a perfect fit for me.
    Thanks, J


    • Kerry Answers says:

      I’m glad you liked reading this. There are so many studies which confirm what you are saying about being outside while exercising and going for a walk. In face, the latest I read was an article based on studies in Japan where they have shown that walking through forests is very good for the immune system because of the oils that evaporate from the trees. These oils are basically essential oils like the ones people use at home, only the ones in the forest are free. The oils help to destroy viruses and boost the immune system. Isn’t that an amazing way that God helps us to stay healthy while enjoying His creation?


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