What Is Telemedicine?


Talk to your doctor online at YOUR convenience!


Telemedicine is a booming new industry which connects patients to their doctors using the latest online technology.  Patients can reach a doctor 24hrs./day, 365 days/yr. via online appointment (i.e. Skype, FaceTime), telephone call, or email.  All doctors are board-certified, and there is always someone on-call, so they can be reached within a very short period of time, often after only 15 minutes of waiting.  Patients can make in-person appointments for a later time/date as well.  These doctors will share all information and recommendations with that person’s current primary care physician, and since many physicians are jumping onboard with this time-saving program, yours may already be available online!

There are a lot of reasons why taking advantage of telemedicine is a good idea, but here are a few:

1.  Saves time – No longer do people need to wait at the doctor’s office for a diagnosis (and subsequent prescription) when they already know what the problem is.

2.  Saves money – At a very low monthly cost covering the entire family and with unlimited calls/appointments, everyone can save a lot of money on unnecessary deductibles and co-payments.

3.  After hours – Patients have access to board-certified doctors all day, every day (including holidays), all year long.  Quite often, people fall ill on Friday night or over the weekend and the issue is not life-threatening but needs to be addressed right away.  With telemedicine, individuals can choose a doctor, make an appointment, and avoid costly, unnecessary emergency room visits.

4.  Vacation – When traveling on vacation, some people may develop a minor illness or rash, and now they have access to doctors who speak the same language, who are available when needed, and who can send a prescription to the nearest pharmacy.

5.  Therapy – Online counseling sessions save driving time and energy (mental and physical) and allow patients to be in a comfortable, private place where they will be more likely to get the most benefit from their therapy sessions.

6.  Employers – For business owners who have only a few employees and do not offer health insurance, this is a great alternative that they can offer, either paid in full or sharing the cost with their employees.  Employers save money and time when their employees do not have to take off half the day for a doctor’s visit.  Employees love this service because they do not have to take time off work and lose part of their paycheck.

One company blazing the trail for telemedicine is Youngevity, offering this valuable yet very affordable Telecare service.  For more details or to access the convenient online application for Telecare, Click Here.


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