Can We Really Get All Our Nutrition From Food?



If a plant’s roots don’t touch the minerals, you won’t find them even in healthy food!


I do a lot of reading on health-related topics- a lot about how we should be able to get all of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need from the foods that we eat. That’s just common sense, right? I believed that, for a long time, too. I even stopped taking supplements for awhile, because I figured that I would get everything that I need from the healthy, organic food I can get at the grocery store.

But then I began finding articles, videos, and other resources which suggested that I was wrong to believe this. Our bodies need 60 different minerals, for instance. We get minerals from the earth, so the only way to get them in our food is through eating our fruits and vegetables.

–However– Ask yourself this question, “Are all rocks and rock layers on the earth exactly the same in every place on the earth?” Common sense and any good elementary school science class will tell you that the answer is, “No.” For example, I live on an island which is comprised of fossilized coral reefs and limestone. If I were to have a vegetable garden, the only minerals I would get are those found in coral reefs and limestone, which is a very limited mineral source, especially when compared to the numerous different types of rocks and soils found around the world!

And think about it this way… During the gold and silver rush days, did miners find gold and silver everywhere they looked? No, of course not, which is why when people would hit a vein of one or the other, they became very wealthy very quickly! This is also why most people didn’t become multi-millionaires from mining.

What does this have to do with minerals in our food? Well, quite simply, this– if gold and silver are deposited in veins around the earth and are not found spread evenly throughout the earth all around the world, then how can we say that the minerals that our bodies need and use every day are evenly distributed around the world? We have earthquakes, floods, and volcanic activity that contribute to the uneven distribution. Also, we have man-made interventions such as mining, de-forestation and over-farming/desertification (which cause erosion and soil depletion).

So is it possible for us to get everything our bodies need from our food alone? No, not when it comes to minerals! We can add fertilizers, which do help (hopefully they are organic, living fertilizers and not the chemical ones!), but they do not necessarily add every mineral that our bodies need, nor is it guaranteed that they will be bio-available (able to be used by our bodies through our own metabolic and digestive processes).

In addition, many of our current modern farming methods rely heavily on cheap, factory-made fertilizers made mostly of nitrogen (not a mineral) compounds, which are mainly used to help plants to grow and may not be in a form that our bodies can use. Anything which would have all the minerals that we need in the right amounts would probably be too expensive to be worth using for most large farms.

We have seen a lot of news about how our farm lands in the US are becoming depleted of vital minerals and also living organisms like earthworms (which help to aerate the soil and whose absence is a sign of a “dead” soil). So how can we expect the food we grow here (or anywhere on earth, really), to have every single mineral that our bodies need? I think that idea is pretty far-fetched.

I have, therefore, come to the conclusion that we all need supplementation, especially for minerals. Not all supplements are equal, so you need to do your own research. I did mine, and I found something that works for me and my family. I was amazed by how dramatically the right supplements can improve a person’s health, often in unexpected ways

If you are struggling with health issues, please keep trying to find something that works for you. You will be amazed by the difference! So many of our health problems are simply nutritional deficiencies, so do your research and don’t give up!

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